Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Mexican Teachers By Karina

       Since we are going to this school for two months here in Mexico, I thought I should get to know everyone. I already told you about the students so now I will describe the teachers.

        First I will name all of them. Then I will describe them. There are eleven teachers in all.

        There is the biology teacher, Pablo. The English teacher, Zairy. The geography and orientation teacher, Isaias. The Spanish teacher, Claudia. The Mathematics teacher, Adriana. The art teacher, Adrian. The Acclimate Education teacher, Jose. The P.E.teacher, Angel. The technology teacher, Victor. The Human Formation teacher, Randy. The State Allocation teacher and Principal, Blanca.

        The English teacher speaks English well but pronounces lots of words wrong. The math teacher is also very good at speaking English and she is very pretty, and my favorite teacher. The P.E. teacher is very nice and has a very cute little boy that he brings in to class every once in a while. 

         The art teacher is very passionate, doesn't pay as much attention to us kids but always makes sure that there is classical music playing. The Spanish teacher is very nice and pretty, yet strict sometimes.

         The Principal and State Allocation teacher is pretty and very strict but smiles and laughs with the class when there is a funny moment in the room. The Human Formation teacher is very handsome and kind. The technology teacher, well I think he is fun like Cam from modern family.. 

         The geography and orientation teacher kind of reminds me of a cute nice manatee. And last but not least the Acclimate Education teacher, uh, I don’t quite remember what he looks like and I don't really remember him because we only have class with him once at the end of the day for fifty minutes on Friday.

         I'm glad I met all of these teachers, because they have certainly helped me somewhat in life. I thank them for all the help they have given us in the past two weeks.

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