Monday, May 21, 2012

Next door to Paradise... 5/21

Today we discovered and explored Las Terranas! A lively Dominican town on the North East edge of DR. After being in a bay muddied by the rivers by the daily storms, it is so nice to see the turquoise-blue water once again.

In contrast with the high-end marinas, it is great to be among the Dominicans and Dominican culture again. Tomorrow the kids go to a local school to experience education in the third world—and learn a bit of spanish too!

More later..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ever heard of Samana? 5/19

Neither had we, until now... Apparently this is a place is the birthing grounds for whales! I am typing what my parents are telling me to write as they bicker about what to write, so I am writing for them.

We are in Puerto Bahia (Bay Port) dodging a storm among many others. We went to Cayo Levantado today with Grandma and we anchored off the point. We went for a swim at the beach and got there just before the storm. On the way back, we got to use our fine, full, new sail which carried us fast as the wind (3 BIG knots).

Now we are back in the fantastic new Marina-Resort!

Who knew that Dominican Republic is so nice!

Presidential Elections tomorrow.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Feature!

We added some music. It is me (Mikai) playing my guitar with some other software intruments. Click here or listen on the blog (the music will start playing automagically) to hear the song I wrote.

From Shawna:

We've been enjoying the Dominican Republic for almost two weeks now.  To say we are enjoying it isn't quite the right word.  Extreme luxury is what we are finding in the marina's here including movie theaters,  private beaches, the best customer service I've ever had and of course swimming pools. We have to make real effort to get out into the wilder side of the country.  It isn't what we were expecting, nor what we came for, but we are adjusting well to the pools, restaurants and buffet breakfasts.  We did take a 2 hour drive into Santo Domingo one rainy afternoon.  It was ok, but it was too far a drive, and the city too unorganized to really appreciate it.  We visited the oldest church dating back to the early 1500's but he kids liked the torrential downpour, the pigions and the hot chocolate break the most.
Tomorrow we'll visit Manati park for a swim with the dolphins for the girls 12th birthday.  Pictures to follow.  For now enjoy the music Mikai's written!