Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Me -by Karina

 I don't have anything specific to write about now that Zoe says we are not gonna sing anymore, so I thought that I would just write all about me.

      First off, you should know what my hobbies are; I love to sing, I love to draw, I love to act and I love to cook specific foods.

      Second, when I grow up I wish to be a singer, an artist, a famous actress, or a supermodel.

      Next, you should know my favorites.
  • My favorite colors are white like snowflakes and hot pink.
  • My favorite foods are coconut rice, risotto, and egg drop soup.
  • My favorite candies are toffee, salt water taffy, musketeers, meringues, marshmallows and Twix.
  • My favorite place on earth is San Carlos, CA
  • My favorite animal is a Pomeranian puppy.
One important thing you should know about me is that I miss my home and old friends dearly, but I am willing to try new things that my parents suggest for me. And so far trying this new thing has been more than I ever imagined and I am thankful that my parents could make this happen even when I was pushing away this wonderful chance. 

Thanks mom and papa! : )

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  1. Good Job Karina! Keep on trying things... especially if those you trust tell you to.... you can always make another decision later...
    Auntie Gini