Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Mexican Teachers By Karina

       Since we are going to this school for two months here in Mexico, I thought I should get to know everyone. I already told you about the students so now I will describe the teachers.

        First I will name all of them. Then I will describe them. There are eleven teachers in all.

        There is the biology teacher, Pablo. The English teacher, Zairy. The geography and orientation teacher, Isaias. The Spanish teacher, Claudia. The Mathematics teacher, Adriana. The art teacher, Adrian. The Acclimate Education teacher, Jose. The P.E.teacher, Angel. The technology teacher, Victor. The Human Formation teacher, Randy. The State Allocation teacher and Principal, Blanca.

        The English teacher speaks English well but pronounces lots of words wrong. The math teacher is also very good at speaking English and she is very pretty, and my favorite teacher. The P.E. teacher is very nice and has a very cute little boy that he brings in to class every once in a while. 

         The art teacher is very passionate, doesn't pay as much attention to us kids but always makes sure that there is classical music playing. The Spanish teacher is very nice and pretty, yet strict sometimes.

         The Principal and State Allocation teacher is pretty and very strict but smiles and laughs with the class when there is a funny moment in the room. The Human Formation teacher is very handsome and kind. The technology teacher, well I think he is fun like Cam from modern family.. 

         The geography and orientation teacher kind of reminds me of a cute nice manatee. And last but not least the Acclimate Education teacher, uh, I don’t quite remember what he looks like and I don't really remember him because we only have class with him once at the end of the day for fifty minutes on Friday.

         I'm glad I met all of these teachers, because they have certainly helped me somewhat in life. I thank them for all the help they have given us in the past two weeks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Me -by Karina

 I don't have anything specific to write about now that Zoe says we are not gonna sing anymore, so I thought that I would just write all about me.

      First off, you should know what my hobbies are; I love to sing, I love to draw, I love to act and I love to cook specific foods.

      Second, when I grow up I wish to be a singer, an artist, a famous actress, or a supermodel.

      Next, you should know my favorites.
  • My favorite colors are white like snowflakes and hot pink.
  • My favorite foods are coconut rice, risotto, and egg drop soup.
  • My favorite candies are toffee, salt water taffy, musketeers, meringues, marshmallows and Twix.
  • My favorite place on earth is San Carlos, CA
  • My favorite animal is a Pomeranian puppy.
One important thing you should know about me is that I miss my home and old friends dearly, but I am willing to try new things that my parents suggest for me. And so far trying this new thing has been more than I ever imagined and I am thankful that my parents could make this happen even when I was pushing away this wonderful chance. 

Thanks mom and papa! : )

Un Buen Amigo by Karina

Un Buen Amigo
By: Karina Bauhaus

          Un buen amigo es amable. Él o ella nunca te mentiría. Un buen amigo es siempre allí para usted cuando algo va mal. 

           Un buen amigo nunca haría daño a sus sentimientos. Ellos te dicen la verdad. Ellos pasar el rato con ustedes, porque ellos quería, no porque ellos que obtendrían dinero por por ser su amigo. 

          Hay normal amigos y hay los mejores amigos. Los mejores amigos nunca va lejos de ti, hasta que sea absolutamente necesario. Una normal amigo es solo una persona que te gusta. 

          Los dos si te gusta de alguna manera. Más amigos realmente buenos deben, compartir, ser amable, como tú, ser sincero con usted, divertirse con usted, ayudarle, le mantiene en contacto. 

Eso quiere decir que soy un buen amigo. ¿No?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Erick's Birthday by Karina

       First we got to school, did P.E., English class, then math. Thirty minutes until break time and our class was already excused. Except we were not out for recess. We were excused because there was a cake to be eaten.

        It was Erick's birthday! When we got downstairs everyone was talking very loudly again and then someone suggested a picture. That's when the other class came down, and got in the picture too. After the pictures, the teacher got one picture of Erick pretending to take a bite of the cake. 

        The fun started when a random kid pushed his head in to the cake. Then his face covered with cake and some of the students took the cake off of his face and wiped it off on other kids' faces. I did not participate in this cakey act.  

         After everyone had their "cake fight" we lined up for breakfast. Breakfast was tacos with beans and pork. And cake, if we wanted to have any, after all that.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Mexican Classmates By: Karina Bauhaus

        Here at this Mexican school there are not very many kids in each class, but they sure do make a lot more noise than all of my classmates back home make all together. 

        Anyways, that's not what matters. What matters is that I know all of my classmates. So I will name and partly describe them.

        Starting with the boys: Marco-highly annoying and loud, Fabian-annoying, weird, and painful, Enrique-helpful and smart, Vladimir-quiet at times and smart, Jose-also quiet at times and seems smart. As you can tell most of the boys are obnoxious.

        Now for the girls: Patty-loud yet quiet in class, Ambar-helpful and nice, Maria-nice and tall, Pamela-friendly and quiet, Gabby-smart, helpful, and loud, Sinai-helpful and friendly, Alejandra-friendly, loud, nice, funny, pretty, and smart.

        Lots of them are loud or annoying, in fact they are screaming and playing around right now. Okay now they're walking out the door. Now they are downstairs doing who knows what. Anyway I'm glad I know my twelve classmates now, at least I'm not in a school where there are only five kids in each class. Including Annika we are fourteen in the seventh grade.