Friday, September 7, 2012

Erick's Birthday by Karina

       First we got to school, did P.E., English class, then math. Thirty minutes until break time and our class was already excused. Except we were not out for recess. We were excused because there was a cake to be eaten.

        It was Erick's birthday! When we got downstairs everyone was talking very loudly again and then someone suggested a picture. That's when the other class came down, and got in the picture too. After the pictures, the teacher got one picture of Erick pretending to take a bite of the cake. 

        The fun started when a random kid pushed his head in to the cake. Then his face covered with cake and some of the students took the cake off of his face and wiped it off on other kids' faces. I did not participate in this cakey act.  

         After everyone had their "cake fight" we lined up for breakfast. Breakfast was tacos with beans and pork. And cake, if we wanted to have any, after all that.

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