Saturday, August 13, 2011

Warm Rain and Sunshine... 8/13

Hi it’s Karina. 

I am saying what to put in our blog this time.
Today I woke up with a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup for breakfast. Yuuum.  Mom never lets me have that for breakfast at home. So far we got to see scrub island to Guana island, back to Tortola and all the way over to Jost where we are now.  I think the moon is really bright tonight especially because it’s so full. Mikai and I took a nap for two and a half hours today.  We missed two of the islands.  The private island and the island where the other’s watched a glass blower.

Hi it’s Annika now.  

Today I woke up at about 8 o’clock and we left the harbor to a beautiful bay and Nikolas my mom and my Dad went snorkeling but I was too scared to try because I was afraid I’d see the scary big fish Ive been feeding from the boat.  They look like little sharks.  So far my favorite part of the trip was snorkeling from the beach at the Baths because there we no big scary fish and it seemed like a protected bay. I loved stopping to walk in the rain.  I’ve never walked in the rain before for so long without an umbrella!

Mom’s turn - sitting all together on the bow listening to millions of super noisy beatles in the trees.

Though we travelled further today than we have until now it’s been a relatively uneventful day in search of less visited spots.  The highlight was without a doubt walking on the pristine deserted beach of Guana Island.  We’ll never forget the perfect flat white sand and the pelting warm rain. 

Been thinking about how Peace Corps has given us so much confidence to explore the real world sans tour guide, convenience stores, hot water, soap, espresso, maps or even knowing what we’re doing tomorrow.  I think I read we’re in for a BIG storm tomorrow on our way to the real “Treasure Island”.  Should be good.

Friday, August 12, 2011

ONWARD!! 8/12

After 2 nights in Anegada and days searching on dirt backroads for the flamingos and ridiculously pristine deserted beaches, we arrived at the Bitter End in time for some powerful downpours.  Misty magical rainbows appearing out of nowhere were our only clues to seek cover or get soaked fast.  We learned that lesson in the dinghy somewhere about 300 yards away from the boat.  Gogogogogogo-go-go-go-Mikai faster!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed that harbor as well before setting off again early in the morning for the Dogs as they’re known. Little reefs and islands of spooky deep caverns and underwater caves.  The girls weren’t so interested in braving the beachless snorkeling but the boys took to the thrill with ease.  Our favorite sightings were the lavender fan corals and the sparkly blue fish. 

We ended up mooring at Marina Cay, adjacent to Scrub Island resort and what a resort it is!  Naturally we had to stay for dinner and and the following day (today) for a high end swim in the pools and making friends (Jason and Kelly).  Ahhh luxury.  I love luxury!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

(Late) Update 8/9

Sorry we havent been able to post anything, there hasn't been any WiFis (Internet connection) until now. This is being posted today (8/11), but was written 8/9.

Amazing turquoise blue water. So almost neon blue that the blue clear sky appears dirty gray in comparison. There can't be much more magical than sitting on the front of our catamaran looking over the dark black water towards the Mellon yellow shore lights; except sitting together with my family revisiting our exceptional day. Funny the questions. "Papa where do the meteors go? "

The breeze, oh I wish I had the words to describe this breeze after a hot day of snorkeling at the Baths on Virgin Gorda and a perfectly long 2 hour crossing to Amagada, the furthest North East island of all the Caribbean islands.

All in all it's been a trip. Too hot, just right, too fast, too slow, perfect. Everything exactly as it should be. Another affirming experience in favor of our ultimate plan, no longer a dream.

We arrived in St Thomas after a long but easy flight through Miami, in the evening. Ended up learning the hard way that the taxi's here are impossibly expensive and the service impossibly cheap. Good thing we don't require too many services! Shopped and swam and ferried to Road Town, Tortola, BVI where we slept with a beautiful view of the marina at Village Cay fro two nights before boarding Smoke and Roses. She's a 47' Leopard Catamaran perfectly sized for a family of six.

After Gerome, our local Captain with the heavy Caribbean accent, started us out to our first stop Virgin Gorda, Dan recognized his confidence to take us the rest of the way solo. Yeah for Dan, because we would never even get close to this if not for him.

Today we snorkeled at the famous Baths and travelled here, Anegada to see the flamingos and one of the largest barrier reefs in the world! So looking forward to tomorrow's magic. Bliss.