Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Mexican Classmates By: Karina Bauhaus

        Here at this Mexican school there are not very many kids in each class, but they sure do make a lot more noise than all of my classmates back home make all together. 

        Anyways, that's not what matters. What matters is that I know all of my classmates. So I will name and partly describe them.

        Starting with the boys: Marco-highly annoying and loud, Fabian-annoying, weird, and painful, Enrique-helpful and smart, Vladimir-quiet at times and smart, Jose-also quiet at times and seems smart. As you can tell most of the boys are obnoxious.

        Now for the girls: Patty-loud yet quiet in class, Ambar-helpful and nice, Maria-nice and tall, Pamela-friendly and quiet, Gabby-smart, helpful, and loud, Sinai-helpful and friendly, Alejandra-friendly, loud, nice, funny, pretty, and smart.

        Lots of them are loud or annoying, in fact they are screaming and playing around right now. Okay now they're walking out the door. Now they are downstairs doing who knows what. Anyway I'm glad I know my twelve classmates now, at least I'm not in a school where there are only five kids in each class. Including Annika we are fourteen in the seventh grade.

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