Sunday, March 25, 2012

Updates to Website! 3/25

Site Updates:
  • New Photos in "Photos" section
  • "Stories by Annika" added in "Stories" section
  • "Stories by Nikolas" added in "Stories" section
  • New stories in "Stories by Karina"
  • In the "Our Route" section, we have added each bay/marina/harbor that we are going to and have been to.
  • In the "Our Route" section, we now change the pin points to Anchors. The Anchors symbolize places we have been to.

Things you may not have noticed:
  • There is LOTS of stuff at the bottom of the Home Page:
    • Post Archive
    • Message in the Sand
    • Sign-up for email updates
    • Follow this blog (also gets you email updates)
    • Pageviews count

Coming Soon:

  • Calendar of Events

If you find any problems with ANYTHING at all on this website, please email me (Mikai) at 


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