Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finding what you look for 3/3

Not just an ordinary day, or was it?  I swear everyday something happens here that reminds us it really is "a small world after all".  Either that or the Universe really does align with our thoughts... or something like that.  Here's what I mean:
I wasn't successful trying to talk with, or email a family like ours: ( "The Three Little Birds" I discovered on the internet) setting out 6 months prior to us.  "The Three Little Birds are on the wifi list here!" Mikai declared as we motored to our slip in Rodney Bay. ---- What are the chances?  The kids played everyday after "school" and Mandi and I made great neighbors, sharing Mommy stories and ideas.

Then the other day our dog got what looked like an aggressive flesh eating disorder, so I asked on the "morning VHF radio talk" here in the marina if anyone could recommend a local vet.  Vet Tom came on and we dinghyed Jack out to see the Dr. and his wife in the bay.  After a shot of cortisone, a bottle of antibiotics, $20 and some dog talk, we found out that our advisors have lived this way a long time and had much more to share than information about Solar Eczema. They came by today to check!  A $20 house call.  Now that's something you don't get on an ordinary day.

Then today a boater and his wife yell, "hey Double Down".  I step out into the bright midday light to a chipper couple asking all about our boat.  Turns out they know Double Down well, having raced against her several years ago.  They ALSO have the exact model Cat, equipment, engines etc.  This means we get an expert briefing, and many new questions answered.  Does she hold 75 or is it 150 gallons of Water afterall?  Oh and we should tighten the trampoline?  Right!

Then the crazy thing is we aren't certain where to stay in the north, Nevis? St Kitts? Antigua?  (Chances are we'll need another safe harbor when Dan flies again back to CA for work. ) So guess who just happens to live in Antigua with info about everywhere and everything around?  Yep Ty and Judith, the couple on the boat that stopped by.
And one last thing.  Ty was born and raised in San Carlos of course, just down the street.

Gosh I guess all that talk and angst about safety, strange diseases, pirates, big storms, needs for sailing certifications and big sun hats was just that.  Talk and angst.  Instead we have found what we were looking for: Great, helpful, present, interested, helpful, inspiring, and generous people wanting to share their love of whatever they love.  Looks like it's really true that what you look for is what you find.

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