Sunday, March 18, 2012

Antigua 3/18 (Written by Mikai)

HEy Hey HEY hey!! Here we are in Antigua after a long long LONG crossing from Guadeloupe. Only 8 hours... Which is really 8 days if you don't get breakfast or lunch... Can't eat food during a crossing or you get sick! But I sucked it up and when we landed in Antigua I had myself my very own pizza!

On the way over here we saw TONS of dolphins and whales!!!! One whale even jumped out of the water (head out first and head back in first) not 20 YARDS in front of our boat!! And the dolphins swam next to the hulls for quite a while. Unfortunately we were unable to catch very many pictures as Abby (our dog) was leaning over the edge preparing to eat the giant fish! Or so she thought, and then we pulled her away back into the cockpit. Our best and only picture is to the right.

We are docked here at the temporary guest dock in the English harbor, just until tomorrow. Tomorrow we will move to the "Registered" boat area for the 10 days while Papa is gone back to California. He is getting more parts for the boat (such as an engine starter switch which is needed for starting the engine). We also have Grandma Barbara here! She is here for another week or two and then it's back to just our family.

Photos section has also been updated.

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  1. Glad to hear from you! I will write an email with more but just want you to know the general "we back home" population love the reports.... Love and adventures! Gini