Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Trip

By: Karina Bauhaus

        So far this trip is going well. Well at least it's not worse than I expected. It seems like everyone else is enjoying it here. My dad doesn't get to say whether he likes living here or not because he hasn't stayed here for the whole six months that us kids have.😒😠😡👿

          I say it's not fair because my mom and dad have gone back home and to New York while we were here, and they got to have higher quality, fancier stuff than we have. Plus, going to New York is like a dream come true for me.😍😰😖😁

         I am grateful that we are able to come here, to a beautiful place and have the experience of a lifetime of living in the Caribbean. I am so grateful that we could come here with our dog, stuff from home, Internet, and a way to do school so that we can go back into the right grade. 😌

        What I am not grateful for is the mosquitos, humidity, heat, size of the boat and that none of our friends can visit us. 😁😰

Karina "hanging out" coping with the heat in Chitchen Itza.  She wasn't impressed.
        Now the most important things to me...the stuff I miss and hope to see when I get back are holidays, my friends, school, school days, making crepes with the crepe maker and eating the crepes and berries and cantaloupe with prosciutto and listening to Renaissance music on Saturdays and Sundays at home, snow, Truckee, sports at home(theatre), and electricity, drinkable water from the faucet, gas for the stove, warm water, two awesome cars, quiet air conditioners (the air conditioners in the boat are as loud as a car driving around!), and a cozy bed all the time. 

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  1. Annika and Karina, Allira says "hi". She wants to swim with dolphins. She will email you. Email her too!