Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Trip- by Annika

The Trip

                      Right now I'm at El Milagro Marina, in Isla Mujeres, Cancun. 

       Here there is a movie theater where Mikai sets up movies and the Olympics. There is also a kitchen here that everyone can use. Down at the little beach that they have here there is water sports, like kayaks and paddle boards.    
     One day I went paddle boarding and I brought my dog on it with me. Now I do that all the time and he is a great balancer which helps me a lot. Right now there is a lot of construction here and it's quite loud during the day. 
     Occasionally Nikolas and I fish. We only catch little fish here and they are all only under the dock. The dogs are always running around and trying to catch fish at the beach. 
     I don't like writing about what I'm doing.  I'd much rather be doing it.

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  1. Annika, I love your honesty! But keep writing so that years from now you will remember all your "doing"! :-)