Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where have you been?

Far far away in a place with no trash........

singing all day without internet..............

A place we wont name................

in case the authorities complain...............

but let it is special, and WAY nice, for a very low price.

Nikolas exploring shells and giant sea turtle carcases on the Cays showing out of the blue water  in the middle of no where!

Depth matters and we can count on Mikai to take the lead.

"You've got to be kidding"  we said very often in these crystal waters.

Annika in her element all day at the turtle sanctuary.

Even tech Kai was delighted to touch the smooth rubbery shells.

We were always left with a gorgeous sunset and lightning shows as Mikai played his guitar.  Then we would count the stars.

Our new home base in Isla Mujeras Mexico.  We love it here.

Valeria visits for lunch.

Annika and the other kids could practice their Spanish with confidence with such great little kids to play with and help take care of.

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  1. I finally checked in with your land-based family to make sure y'all were still afloat. Alas, your adventure (and our jealousy) continues. That unnamed destination has always been on my bucket list.