Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ever heard of Samana? 5/19

Neither had we, until now... Apparently this is a place is the birthing grounds for whales! I am typing what my parents are telling me to write as they bicker about what to write, so I am writing for them.

We are in Puerto Bahia (Bay Port) dodging a storm among many others. We went to Cayo Levantado today with Grandma and we anchored off the point. We went for a swim at the beach and got there just before the storm. On the way back, we got to use our fine, full, new sail which carried us fast as the wind (3 BIG knots).

Now we are back in the fantastic new Marina-Resort!

Who knew that Dominican Republic is so nice!

Presidential Elections tomorrow.


  1. Best about Dominican Republic are the dominicans!!! I told you Samana is nice, try to go to Las Terrenas is in the other side of samana. Take care a have a grate trip, you are wellcome at any time here in Cap Cana
    Carlos Hidalgo

  2. The D/R is fantastic! It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Of course, with the elections tomorrow, I would stay close to the ship!!

    Great to hear that things continue to awe and inspire. There must be so much that you all are learning and absorbing on this trip. Of course, with Shawna and dan fighting over what should be written, I am surprised there has not been a MUTINY!!

    Keep up the great reflections!

    Chris M.