Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update 4/26 (Written 4/20)

New Photos in "Photos" section, and "Our Route" has been updated.

Puerto Rico is a gorgeous island covered in Palms and long deserted beaches.  We have found easy to hike jungles, friendly, intense people, clear water, 5 star marinas, Costco, Walmart, freeways, 700 year old forts, cobblestone pedestrian zones populated with shops cafes and tapas bars, and giant malls.  It’s been a delightful and unique combination of both old and new worlds.  I would like to return here to vacation because it’s so beautiful, easy and comfortable.  In fact it’s so comfortable that it feels like we’re home, back in the USA, making it harder to remember to capture our memories and appreciate the adventure.  We just spent 3 days at Costco and Walmart provisioning hard in anticipation for entry into the third world and Cuba.

Right now we are motoring East, passing lush green hillsides and beaches,  towards an old picturesque town called Ponce.  I’m feeling slightly queezy as usual so I think I’ll lay down for a rest. We plan to arrive on the East coast for our 18 hour crossing to the Dominican Republic in a few days.  We have about 80 miles to go.

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