Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First days 2/15

Sorry it’s taken so long to update! We have been having SOOOO much fun, while enjoying no intentional organization what-so-ever, that we haven’t realized the days passing so quickly! Well the girls have been just a little tired too actually.

The latest news is that while the boys traveled the rough 18 foot tall waves with up to 30 knot winds with only a double reefed sail from the Grenadines to Saint Lucia, the girls dozed through their flight. After we were all reunited we motored to Soufrière where we are sitting out a very big rain storm (for this time of year) until tomorrow when we’ll make our attempt to trek a bit in the rainforest before setting off to Castries (the capitol) and Rodney Bay.

Sure are lots of banana trees and schools of fish here.  And as for temps: it’s a pleasant 75 or so.....not too hot at all.

Today Mom took a swim shower with the dog before everyone woke, Annika and Nikolas played on the beach in the down pouring rain and Shawna, Mikai and Karina went to town and bought groceries and ice.  Right now Mikai is insisting that we update our blog but I think the carrots may be getting mushy.

Tonight for dinner we’re having fresh Tuna, carrots and egg drop soup....In case anyone was wondering.  And no, we haven’t met any pirates, gotten heat rash, seen a shark or been sun burned yet!  Oh.... but the lucky few who were awake saw a very big turtle.  It’s been wonderful as we expected so far.  The hardest part has been organizing our insanely extensive quantities of stuff.  Each of us brought 1.5 medium suitcases for the year and it’s still way to much!!!


  1. Finally made it to your blog after talking to Shawna's mom.... Looking forward to a live chat but for now... Give us all the details so we, who are still plugged in to daily bay area living, can see how to create adventure for our families. ( Love the videos but the mic needs a wind guard, skipper!) big hugs....

  2. Hi everyone!
    Looks like you a having a fun time! We're thinking about you and miss you!
    Saffi, River and Jami