Friday, August 12, 2011

ONWARD!! 8/12

After 2 nights in Anegada and days searching on dirt backroads for the flamingos and ridiculously pristine deserted beaches, we arrived at the Bitter End in time for some powerful downpours.  Misty magical rainbows appearing out of nowhere were our only clues to seek cover or get soaked fast.  We learned that lesson in the dinghy somewhere about 300 yards away from the boat.  Gogogogogogo-go-go-go-Mikai faster!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed that harbor as well before setting off again early in the morning for the Dogs as they’re known. Little reefs and islands of spooky deep caverns and underwater caves.  The girls weren’t so interested in braving the beachless snorkeling but the boys took to the thrill with ease.  Our favorite sightings were the lavender fan corals and the sparkly blue fish. 

We ended up mooring at Marina Cay, adjacent to Scrub Island resort and what a resort it is!  Naturally we had to stay for dinner and and the following day (today) for a high end swim in the pools and making friends (Jason and Kelly).  Ahhh luxury.  I love luxury!

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